A world more sustainable, resilient, and flexible is possible and the electricity grid can lead the way.

Adaion is here to

Optimize the infrastructure at levels unexplored yet

Build together a more flexible power system

Support emerging types of load and generation

Make the perfect link for more suitable markets

How ADAION System can help you

ADAION brings the tools to help DNOs change how their networks operate to facilitate the transition to a smart, flexible energy system and therefore their transition to becoming DSOs.

Taking a more active role implies a technological evolution that goes from a complete network digitalization, combined with new planning capabilities towards the future flexible grid.


As the foundation for a smart and flexible electric grid, ADAION provides the tools to form a living digital twin of your network by recreating its neural web through our IoT platform and locating every single detail assisted by our grid modeling tools.

Grid Planning

To better plan infrastructure deployment within the constraints of an electricity grid, accurate tools for simulation and scenario creation are required. ADAION offers a simple toolset to help you analyze the best and more sustainable options for your network.

Flex Grid

ADAION enables Grid distribution operators to monitor, forecast congestion issues, and determines flexibility requirements to apply available solutions within their network, as well as analyzing the effectiveness of using local flexibility.